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Yoshiki Hishinuma: Design Brilliance


Yoshiki Hishinuma is practically unknown in America, but he is an exciting fashion design voice in Japan.  Years ago when I worked at my college design library, one of the books I came across was Clothes By Yoshiki Hishinuma (©1986 by Yobisha ISBN 4946419357, 9784946419355).  It profoundly affected me.  Hishinuma was one of the first fashion designers that I saw think conceptually and abstractly.  It took about 10 years but I located a copy of the book to add to my private collection.  The book is art itself with bright colors, cut outs and almost no words – all ideas through the graphics of the book and clothes.


Yoshiki’s work began by exploring traditional japanese clothing and origami.  It was a cross between the artist Christo, helium balloons from Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and 80s pattern.  Over the years, Hishinuma’s work has grown more practical but no less conceptual.  He became interested in traditional Western clothing, which lead to a gothic period, and eventually in 2012 he returned to Paris Couture with an updated collection that captured the zeitgeist of draped but geometric inspired clothes.


I hope by publishing 20+ images of his work, the early examples from the book, that American’s will learn more about this incredible artist and embrace him.

About the author: Bill Indursky
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