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Heart of Glass: The Glass Works of Artist Sibylle Peretti

984x588-jLOMZohyrkCi9kuGWunderkind, 2011 by Sibylle Peretti
Cast white glass, hot sculpted glass
Inspired by insect eggs from nature the hot formed “eggs” connect to the cast glass child.

German glass artist Sibylle Peretti grew up among traditional glass work where objects produced were of a utilitarian nature.  But for Peretti, function was not the only thing melted silica could express.  After graduating from the State School for Glassmaking in Zwiesel, Germany she studied Fine Art in Cologne.  It was there in Cologne that Sibylle discovered the true heart of glass and allowed herself to use it as a medium of expression.

1400x720-f7uTT0bs6cbgp9QASnow Child, 2012 by Sibylle Peretti
8″ x 48″ x 14″ | Cast white glass
Private collection


In Peretti’s world, young children represent mankind in an idealized innocent state.  The children struggle to connect, understand, and ultimately try to become one with nature.  The figures interact with natural tendrils of leaves, insect eggs, and branches acting as the go-between of man and nature.

1400x720-scL6gIN9JEi2whARSiblings, 2005 by Sibylle Peretti
15″ x 22″ x 10″ | Glass

Sibylle Peretti is represented by Heller Gallery in New York City and Galerie Hirschmann in Berlin.  She will have a solo show at Galerie Hirschmann October 26 – December 7, 2013.  Peretti and her husband, also an artist, collaborate on projects under the name Club S&S which explore the art in social context.

For bonus pictures visit Sibylle Peretti Pinterest Boards.

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