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Who doesn’t want to be on TV?  Do you think you have what it takes to be the next big star on TV or have the next amazing show idea?  Design Life Network (DLN) is always looking for the best ideas and people for our upcoming and continuing projects – so contact us at

Before contacting us you should think about the following:

1. If you want to be IN FRONT of the CAMERA do you already have a sizzle reel or examples of you on camera?  Many charismatic and beautiful people fall apart in front of a camera; so it is important that you have had some practice.  We can help you with that, but we have limited time to develop your on-camera skills.

2.  Do you have to be good looking and thin to be on camera?  The easy answer is NO.  But we need to be honest – it is a real plus.  People will watch just about anything on TV if it at least has an attractive person who is tall, thin, pretty and seems approachable.  But you could be an expert who is naturally at ease in front of the camera or a real character or persona (think how popular Snookie is).

3. Our shows run in 1 1/2 – 3 minutes.  These are short segments or a brief episode.  We start all shows online and then will consider other networks or TV advertising if popular.

4. UNLIKE just about every network or production company we happily will entertain SCRIPTED and NON-SCRIPTED TV shows for our network.  The key is how interesting the concept you come up with is and how cheaply we can produce it.

5. Do you get paid for this?  As a start-up network we are not paying people to appear on camera.  If we do, it usually pays only a small stipend-like fee.  A typical inexpensive TV show costs on average $1,000/film minute with a crew of 3 or more.  We try to keep our costs to about $125-$250/film minute with a crew of 1-3.  Most shows need to film 30-60 minutes to get 1 useable final edited minute.  So the average cost to our network is about $4,500-$12,000 per episode.  Filming is done at night or weekends and lasts for about 1-4 hours per episode.

6. What if I don’t want to be on camera but always wanted to produce, write or direct a design TV show?  We welcome fresh original ideas and writing.  You can even help cast for your host or main character.  We do not pay outside of our core team for these skills but if the show concept was yours you will share in the ownership/revenue from the show.

7. Can we shoot on location?  I am afraid that to keep costs down we can NOT film on location.  You would have access to a green screen studio, film crew and basic lighting in New York City.  We can not pay for travel costs.  There is usually no budget for makeup artists, wardrobe, or writers.  You will be provided a producer, director, cameraman, and editor – depending on the concept.  Under special circumstances, can we do location shoots?  Depending on the idea and costs we will consider such requests.

8. What sort of shows are you looking for?  We are looking for anything that encompasses a DESIGN LIFESTYLE.  The network is called Design Life Network (DLN) and can be anything on the visual arts and design lifestyle.  BUT we are NOT (i repeat NOT) looking for a “talking head” interview shows.  Interviews, while interesting when the subject is strong enough, can be boring to stare at on the computer.  People have a VERY short attention span and the concept must be FUN, FAST MOVING, EDU-TAINING.  We will consider a “talking head” show if the format or subject is innovative.  A good example of a low cost innovative “talking head” show is 1 Girl 5 Gays produced by Canadian MTV.  It costs almost nothing, is simple, fast moving and fun.  For an example of a scripted less expensive talking head show see The Soup on E!.

9. Do I make any money from this?  We will split the rights to the show with you.  Depending on the situation we can split ad revenue that might be generated.  We are currently working with some existing TV networks to finalize sponsorship of our test shows to potentially later be produced into 30 minute and 1 hour shows.  If a show is picked up – your rights will be worth something.

10. Can I bring my own sponsors?  YES, we welcome it, encourage it and even ask you to pull out your roll-a-dex.  Sponsorships can be as little as $100/episode and as high as you can get (often depending on traffic).  If you get sponsors for the show you will be rewarded with your split.  We also are working with our large list of vendors to sponsor different shows.  Vendors will pick shows that relate the most to their subject and when developing your show you should consider who some of the typical sponsors would be.

11.  How exactly do i pitch a show to you?  BEFORE you pitch us your TV show, put some real thought into it.  Start with an “elevator pitch”.  TV people LOVE to talk in reference to things that already exist.  For example, we are developing a show that is “Good Eats meets Antiques”.  The  formula “this” meets “that” is typical for your elevator pitch.  Next think about how the main idea or concept will be handled and what will happen in a typical episode.  This is called a treatment.  While we do not expect you to have the entire treatment for a show worked out, you should have a basic idea of what you want.  For more advice on developing a treatment see this link on E-How.  The more specific the better.

12. Will I be asked to sign contracts?  YES, before you pitch anything to us we will REQUIRE that you sign a legal contract.  In that contract it will state that you can no longer bring the concept to anyone else for a specific time frame and that WE (The Design Life Network) will retain the rights of the show with a portion being shared back with you.  We do this because WE are paying all the costs out of our pocket with NO COST TO YOU.  We assume the most risk and hence REQUIRE that a large portion of the rights to the show be retained by us.  Other agreements can be worked out as needed.

We have heard some extremely encouraging show ideas and know that there are so many things that have NOT been done before.  DLN will take risks, unlike most production and TV networks.

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