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World’s Strangest Group of Films Set To Open March 22 in LA

Since 2006, founder and head curator Billy Burgess of The Druid Underground Film Festival (DUFF) has been bringing together new and unusual voices in film.  Burgess, who lived in a Los Angeles Punk music venue, started the festival by invited friends over to check out odd films.  The event has grown and now hosts half a dozen screenings a year including a main event in 2014 at Anthology Film Archives, NYC.

Each DUFF date is one part music, one part food,  and a “complex set of diverse and brutally independent films stockpiled from the most creative recesses of the world.”  The festival accepts submission from anyone “ambitious, who has a fresh voice and is willing to put their souls into their films,” says Burgess.  Past entries have included: I LIVE IN THE WOODS by Max Winston where Winston stop-motion animates a rowdy, purple bearded sprite who leaps about the forest doing whatever his little black heart desires; TELL-A-VISION by Dave Kidd which tells the story of a gang of crusty old Humboldt county punks blow away television sets with 12-guage shotguns; and CRISPY by Darren Herczeg which is a horror of a juicy, crispy hair permanent.   The past five years of festival winners can be seen on video for purchase at the organization’s web store.

The 7th Annual DUFF is planned to hit HM157, 3110 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031 on Saturday, March 22nd at 9 pm.  General admission is $7 and there will be a free raffle.  For further information check the organizations tumblr blog at:

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