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Wendell Castle’s Bronze Metal


Wendell Castle’s

Bronze Metal

Text & Layout by bill indursky
SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
I conic artist Wendell Castle will have a solo show for Carpenters Workshop Gallery at this year’s PAD London from October 14-18, 2015.  The show will feature four new seat sculptural works produced in Bronze for indoor or outdoor use at Carpenters Workshop Gallery research and development space in Roissy, Paris.

Each work will be available in a limited edition of 8 plus 4 artist’s proofs.  Castle used the opportunity to take a critical look back at his body of work, drawing from his 1960s achievements and reinterpreting them through the lens of modern technology including 3D modelling and computer guided metal milling.

The series of works have been designed for a soon to open exhibition at MAD (Museum of Art and Design) New York, entitled ‘Wendell Castle: Remastered’.



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_CASTLE_Impulse Gatherer-3

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_CASTLE_Veiled in a Dream-1

CASTLE_Impulse Gatherer_01

CASTLE_Impulse Gatherer_02

CASTLE_Leap Of Faith (Portrait)_01

CASTLE_Veiled in a Dream_01

CASTLE_Veiled in a Dream_02

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