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TREND ALERT: Architectural Jewelry Finnish’d To Perfection

Top 12 Architectural Jewelry from Finland Collected by Gi Väyrynen

Text by Gi Väyrynen & bill indursky
Images Courtesy of Gi Väyrynen and her Jewelry photoblog
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

This Fall, one of the top trends on the runways was architectural jewelry. And, if you are talking about architecturally inspired jewelry, than no one does it better than the place that has been creating it long before the trend–Finland. We asked photo-bloggist, and Finnish jewelry fanatic, Gi Väyrynen of to pick her favorite vintage and contemporary pieces to inspire.

Tämä Fall, yksi alkuun trendejä kiitotiet oli arkkitehtoninen koruja. Ja jos te puhutte arkkitehtonisesti innoittamana koruja, kuin kukaan ei tee sitä paremmin kuin paikka, joka on ollut luomassa sitä kauan ennen kuin trendi – Suomi. Kysyimme kuva-bloggist, ja Suomen korut fanaatikko, Gi Väyrynen poimia hänen suosikki vintage ja nykyaikainen kappaletta innostaa.


Kultaseppä Salovaara, modernist sterling silver necklace. ©

This vintage piece resembles the Sibelius Monument dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865– 1957), designed by Eila Hiltunen and unveiled on September 7, 1967. The monument is located at the Sibelius Park, in Helsinki.

Sibelius Monument, modernist



Björn Weckström for Lapponia Jewelry,!“Man in the Cosmos” ring, in sterling silver and acrylic. A 1960’s original design, reissued in a limited edition in 2013. ©

“Man in the Cosmos” ring is part of the “Back To The Future” collection that is linked to a larger “Space Silver” collection.

Space, Sci-Fi, Fantasy



Pekka Piekäinen for Auran Kultaseppä, Vintage minimalist “Kirje” (Letter) necklace, in sterling silver and 14k gold, 1976. ©

clean lines, minimalist



Annaleena Soini, “Kupliva” (bubbly) heart necklace, in silver. ©!

contemporary piece bubbles



Erik Granit, modernist sterling silver ring, 1968. ©!

resembles the moon surface



Design Marisanna Multamaa, “Lumo” (Charm) ring, in sterling silver with acidified surface. ©

contemporary piece Complex but delicate organic piece



Anneli Qveflander, vintage modernist bronze pendant, 1960’s. ©




Jorma Laine for Turun Hopea, vintage “Grouch” (Mörökölli) pendant, in bronze with guilded surface, 1970’s. ©

Jorma Laine designed a complete “Grouch” collection, with necklace, ring and bracelet.

humor, modernist


Liisa Vitali for Kultakeskus Oy, vintage modernist “Gardenia” silver ring, 1970’s. ©



Elis Kauppi for Kupittaan Kulta, vintage 14k gold and pearls ring. | © B&W photo courtesy of DevEduc Oy

classic but with a twist



Kultaseppä Salovaara, vintage “Spine” silver necklace. ©



Lina Simons, “Pisara” (Drop) necklace, in sterling silver, 2012. ©

contemporary piece

About the author: Bill Indursky
Bill Indursky is an architect, trend expert, and digital entrepreneur. He is the former founder of V&M (Vintage & Modern (2006-2013)) and the current founder of Design Life Network (DLN). DLN is a MAGAZINE + DESIGN AGENCY + MARKETPLACE + TV CHANNEL promoting inspiring design of all eras online and on TV.

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