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Selfy Your Soul


To get a good photograph of yourself is not easy – just ask anyone who has wrestled with a selfy (photographing oneself with your mobile phone). Poor lighting, bad angles and odd faces are par for the course. But for award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Harun Mehmedinovic, it is not a problem with your camera or lighting but your soul.


On Mehmedinovic’s travels with his film Name of the Son, he would bump into friends whom appeared stressed-out and not ‘themselves’. He proposed to them that they, “take a day off, pick a place that has meaning to them, and choose clothes in which they feel like themselves.” Harun would then follow them with his camera. When they would finally let their guard down, he adds, “their minds began to let go, and they started doing what they felt like: jumping, climbing, wielding props, and taking risks. It felt almost like a return to childhood, physicality took over and the camera was there to capture the energy of the moment, telling a story.” This is the origins of Harun’s current photo book Séance and his most recent Bloodhoney* project photo book Persona.


Bloodhoney is in reference to the Balkans, the region where Harun was raised. It is a combination of two Turkish words: Bal, meaning “honey” and Kan, meaning “blood.” “The name refers to the bittersweet nature of life, the moments of beauty and the sublime spontaneously captured in the photographs,” says Mehmedinovic.


In his current book Séance he focused on the process of the photoshoot with the friends. In the upcoming Bloodhoney* project book Persona, he plans to present images that explore the personality and character of the participants. Currently, Harun is gathering funding for the new photography book on Kickstarter. Join him in meeting the goal here.  See bonus images of Harun’s work on our Harun Mehmedinovic Pinterest Board.

About the author: Bill Indursky
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