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Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas Windows 2013

This holiday season, Saks Fifth Avenue revisits the Saks legend of the Yeti.  The story, complete with available book, tells the tale of a Yeti that creates snowflakes.  Tired of his factory-style life creating them in a Siberian workplace, the Yeti takes his mother’s advice to explore the world and express his talent for snowflake making.  The Yeti travels around the world, ending up in New York, where he finds his way, after a trip on the subway, to the roof of Saks Fifth Avenue.  He saves the day by creating snowflakes for the famed retailer.

Under the direction of Harry Cunningham, senior vice president, store planning, design and visual merchandising at Saks Fifth Avenue, the windows have whimsical animation as well as a technology component.  The viewer can create, like the Yeti, their own snowflake (visit  Of course there are also the many “New York jokes” we come to expect from Harry’s windows.  Look for the spoof of dermatologist Dr. Zizmor on the subway car!

We have written out the window text for your convenience.  Photos courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue. #SaksYeti


Everybody knows there’s a Yeti on Saks Fifth Avenue’s roof. Making snow during the holiday season, but how did he get there?

In A cold Russian workshop, a long time ago, a furry team of workers were all making snow. One worker named Yeti made beautiful flakes. But his boss only cared for avoiding mistakes.

Mama said, “Yeti, you’re so very gifted if they don’t like your art, it’d be best if you drifted.”

So the Yeti set off and quietly vowed, “I’ll invent splendid flakes that will make you both proud.”

His travels would take him all over the earth to learn about snow, from the Arctic to Perth. Then finally, New York! The most promised of lands! For a snowmaker artist with magical hands.


Maybe Saks was the answer! It’s brighter than heaven! Yeti down to catch a Manhattan bound. He squeezed his way in during rush hour drama with the thousands of people (one looked like his mama.)


He climbed Saks and made snow that was brilliantly pretty.  And to this day, the Yeti crafts flakes for the city.  The moral?  Don’t give up!  Be artful!  Be ready!  And set your sights high.  You just might see a Yeti.

YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YETI… Come inside,  to get the Yeti Story, take a Yeti home, or visit the Yeti on 9.

Visit and create a snowflake to appear in the windows courtesy of Mastercard


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