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‘PSYCH THE MUSICAL’ to Premiere on USA Network


This holiday season, forget dancing sugar plum fairies and snowflakes; USA Network plans singing and dancing detectives in the warmth of sunny Santa Barbara in the TV special ‘PSYCH THE MUSICAL‘.  Based on the characters of the network’s wildly popular show Psych, the two-hour musical will follow Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) as they try to outwit a former theater nemesis from their past—known simply as Z.  The fourteen song extravaganza will special guest-star Ally Sheedy (“The Breakfast Club”), Tony Award Winner Barry Bostwick (“Cougar Town”), Anthony Rapp (“Rent”), Brooke Lyons (“2 Broke Girls”) and Jimmi Simpson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”).  The TV event is the brainchild of Psych’s creator/executive producer Steve Franks and music composer Adam Cohen (composer for more than twenty TV shows and shorts).  Franks is no stranger to music, his own band The Friendly Indians created the shows catchy theme song “I Know You Know”.  The elaborate dancing numbers are choreographed by Kenny Ortega protege, Paul Becker who can be seen as one of the judges on Canada’s version of So You Think You Can Dance.  Becker is known for his use of large numbers of people in his choreography—perfect for ‘PSYCH THE MUSICAL’.


‘PSYCH THE MUSICAL’s plot will pit our favorite wise-cracking, 80s referencing, faux detectives against playwright and mad man, Z , who six years earlier was deemed criminally insane after trapping a critic in the theater and burning it to the ground.  The show uses a singing informant to unveil cryptic clues and reveal Z’s next steps.   Song titles from the episode include: “Santa Barbara Skies” (James Roday/ Dulé Hill), “Z’s Lament” (Anthony Rapp), “I’ve Heard it Both Ways” (James Roday/Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson), “Yang’s Xmas” (Ally Sheedy), “Making Up a Song” (James Roday/ Dulé Hill /Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson/Ally Sheedy), “Often It’s the Opposite Pt. 1” (Kurt Fuller), “Often It’s the Opposite Pt. 2” (Kurt Fuller), “I Hurt No One” (James Roday/Anthony Rapp), “I’ve Hear It Both Ways Reprise 1” (Tim Omundson), “Santa Barbara Skies Reprise” (Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson/Kirsten Nelson), “I’ve Heard It Both Ways Reprise 2” (James Roday/Tim Omundson/Maggie Lawson), “Yang’s Death” (Jimmi Simpson/Ally Sheedy), “Shawn’s Breakdown” (James Roday/Anthony Rapp), “Gus in the Spotlight” (Dulé Hill), “Z’s Surrender” (Anthony Rapp) and finally “Jamaican Inspector” (Dulé Hill).


Psych finished its seventh season in 2013 and has filmed over one hundred episodes.  In 2006, Psych was the number one cable show premier garnering more than six point six million viewers.  With numbers just about three million viewers by end of 2013, 2014 (the eighth season) will be the shows last, rolling out only five more episodes.  The show’s success was said to be the chemistry between the two main characters.  Fans of the show have always been passionate about the program, creating sites fan sites including Psych Pineapple.  In the show’s pilot episode, James Roday improvised by picking up a pineapple and saying, “Should I slice this up for the road?” Since then, pineapples have appeared in almost every episode as a running gag.  Santa Barbara, the backdrop of the show was mostly filmed in White Rock, British Columbia, Vancouver and various locations around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia as a backdrop while occasionally filming in the real Santa Barbara.


‘PSYCH THE MUSICAL’ can be seen Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 9:00 PM and 8:00 PM Central.  Visit the ‘PSYCH THE MUSICAL’ Countdown clock website for a sneak peek at the show: and catch up on past seasons on HULU:


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