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On The Town

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On The Town

Designer Louis Navarrete Orchestrates an Understated Philadelphia Town House for New York Transplants

Text by bill indursky
Images Courtesy of Louis Navarrete
January 21, 2015

For former ballet dancer-turned-interior designer, Louis Navarrete, moving in concert with others is something that comes naturally. Upon meeting his clients, young transplants from New York, Navarrete felt the 19th century town house they purchased in Philadelphia would perfectly act as a supporting stage on which their style could dance.

The couple wanted a home that was understated, sophisticated, fresh and young. Navarrete knew his clients came with virtuoso-like expectations, having grown up in spaces designed by interior legends Albert Hadley and David Easton.

Like the start of any good dance, Navarrete warmed up, “The husband was nervous about bringing in a decorator for fear of faux finishes and the like, but I broke the ice immediately suggesting gilt wood angels hanging from the ceiling—a great relaxing laugh was had collectively.” From then on, Navarrete knew his clients would trust in him.

Navarrete says, “the interior of the townhouse was very simple and lacked most ornamental moldings common to that era. It created a cleansing backdrop for the antique furnishing.” Antique furnishing are important to Navarrete who believes it adds scale, history, and warmth immediately to a space.

The overture began with a Fortuny chandelier and rush matting lining the living room. A collection of small works on paper, including a Braque, punctates the white living space.

For the first act, a Venini chandelier, 18th century French table gifted from the client’s mother, harmoniously blended with the Regency chairs, Botero figure, and 19th century porphyry column.

The upstairs mezzanine library began the second act, opting for relaxed comfort featuring a nod to the couple’s former designer David Easton with his two of his designed chairs.

The final act plays with a hush tone of simplicity and elegance. The Marc Phillips carpet anchors the room which is delicately adorned with silk linen drapes, an Empire chest, gilt mirror, and Mid-century chairs.

In concert, the client and designer’s hearts were left dancing on the town…house-a music and dance design match made.


About the author: Bill Indursky
Bill Indursky is an architect, trend expert, and digital entrepreneur. He is the former founder of V&M (Vintage & Modern (2006-2013)) and the current founder of Design Life Network (DLN). DLN is a MAGAZINE + DESIGN AGENCY + MARKETPLACE + TV CHANNEL promoting inspiring design of all eras online and on TV.

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