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New York Sheepishly Gains Public Art Space


Real estate developer and art collector Michael Shvo brings a new public art space to New York City’s Chelsea District.  Situated at the unlikely site of the former Getty Station at the corner of 10th Avenue and 24th street; the original structure will be home to various changing indoor/outdoor art exhibits.


The inaugural exhibit, Sheep Station, 2013, by French artist Francois Xavier LaLanne [1927-2008] will be on display between September 17, 2013 to October 20, 2013.  LaLanne’s sculpture features 25 of his iconic epoxy stone and bronze ‘Moutons,’ and mark the largest collection to ever be shown publicly in an outdoor presentation.


The sheep were introduced by the artist in 1965 and became a staple of his artistic language.  Sheep Station (2013) will include works from his series ‘Les Nouveaux Moutons’ – made up of the Belier (1994), the Brebis (1994) the Agneau (1996), and Le Mouton Transhumant (1988). Also shown is an earlier series titled ‘Mouton de Pierre,’ executed between 1979 and 1984.


Set in a surrealist landscape amidst the existing industrial gas station architecture, the sheep symbolize Lalanne’s mission to demystify art and capture its joie de vivre.  ‘Moutons’ have become Lalanne’s most iconic work, embodying his very approach to art while commenting on the nature of art itself.  In his words, “The animal world constitutes the richest and most varied forms on the planet.” His subjects consist of a menagerie of animals, stylized forms oftentimes married with functionality.



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