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Moorcroft Pottery Tradition Lives in Dennis Chinaworks


Craft is alive and well and living within a converted stable in Somerset, England. Run by Sally and Richard Dennis, the Dennis Chinaworks pottery combines the couple’s past experiences. Sally ran one of the leading 1960s fashion houses in England and later worked as Design Director for Moorcroft Pottery and Richard trained at Sotheby’s and started an antique glass and ceramic business together with a publishing house for producing specialized collecting books.


Following tradition, the two believe in throwing all their pots and turning them on the wheel. Hand applied colour follows and is spun on the leather hard earthenware and decorated by incising and slip-trailing the designs. Further colour is added using underglazes and natural oxides, then the pots are finished with a clear glaze.



From beginning to end each pot is the work of a single Decorator. Their signature joins the number, company name, date and throwers mark on the base. The pottery’s products, vases, bowls, boxes and dishes are bought by collectors and enthusiasts of decorative pottery. Although influenced by many sources, the designs are distinctly Sally’s reflecting her love of the late 19th – early 20th century Arts & Crafts movement. 90% of the pottery’s output goes to some 15 main retail outlets in the UK – specialist galleries, shops and collectors fairs. 10% of production goes to selected outlets in New Zealand, Holland and the Cayman Islands.



Pots are priced for collectors and range from $186 to $5,000+ US dollars for larger more elaborate pieces.  Pots are made as limited editions usually of 5.

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