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Letter from the editor – Big Show Issue





Bill Indursky, Editor-In-Chief

Is anyone else’s head spinning?

I could never leave design.  After 2 years of quietly building Design Life Network, I finally have chosen to start officially letting everyone know about it on a regular basis.  How is DLN different from my past projects?  Our network combines a powerful online MAGAZINE, MARKETPLACE, DESIGN AGENCY and TV NETWORK focused on broadcasting design inspiration, information, products and services of all eras.

Our MAGAZINE is dedicated to original reporting, photography and graphics on the luxury design lifestyle and has an eye toward the new and undiscovered, emerging designers, uncommon products and services, as well as in depth event coverage.

In beta is our MARKETPLACE which promotes dealers of original design including one-of-a-kind vintage and antique dealers as well as limited edition or run contemporary design.  Over the next few weeks, we will be adding on a limited number of dealers of design.

The AGENCY specializes in creating websites, social media marketing, digital PR and brand awareness and clarification for the design industry.  It is home of the amazing $500 e-commerce enabled interior designer website!

Our TV network gathers the best design content on the web and actively works to create custom quality content.  Currently we have a partnership with Karen LeBlanc of The Design Tourist.  Enjoy her inspiring show coverage in our DLN TV section.

This issue is all about the last few months of SHOWS.  Shows may be less frequented, but it is still important for designers to get together in person speak face-to-face and look at products.  We covered many of the shows in depth and with lush original photography.

Enjoy and catch your breath!


About the author: Bill Indursky
Bill Indursky is an architect, trend expert, and digital entrepreneur. He is the former founder of V&M (Vintage & Modern (2006-2013)) and the current founder of Design Life Network (DLN). DLN is a MAGAZINE + DESIGN AGENCY + MARKETPLACE + TV CHANNEL promoting inspiring design of all eras online and on TV.

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