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Kris Kuksi: A Thousand Thoughts One Idea

Neo-Roman Opera House
, 2013

Kris Kuksi does not have to worry about being introverted and soft spoken because his art speaks a million thoughts for him. Each piece, a balanced assemblage of hundreds of toy soldiers, figures, doll parts, jewelry, frame molding, statuary, new and found parts are transformed into a work of extreme power and beauty. “We have hundreds of thoughts each day,” says Kuksi, “some dark, some comic, but all are part of us and make us who we are… It’s a balancing act… a struggle,” sentiments which perfectly describe his work. His pieces explore classical themes and the human psyche.

Kuksi-2 Neo-Roman Opera House (detail), 2013

Kuksi, age 40, works from his studio in Kansas creating pieces which take up to one-month to complete for a medium sculpture and sell for between $15k-$150k each. Similar to comic book toy circles that hack their collectable figures to create new characters; Kuksi replaces heads, alters limbs, and imagines custom figures from the pre-made parts. “The figures represent individual thoughts but are part of the total person/piece.  It is like an opera with a variety of notes.”

Kuksi-25Neo-Roman Opera House (detail), 2013

Growing up in rural Kansas, isolated from people and part of a dysfunctional family, Kris had plenty of time to be alone with his thoughts. He spent hours dreaming about his love of Baroque and Rococo art of the old masters like Bernini, as well as, the dark poetry of the industrial world represented by artists like H.R. Giger. “I also love the architecture of Louis Sullivan and European cathedrals,” whose influence you can see in his organic structures.

Kuksi-26Neo-Roman Opera House (detail), 2013

Kuksi-27Neo-Roman Opera House (detail), 2013

Kuksi has produced more than 100 sculptures, has had over 100 exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide including the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. He has an upcoming solo show opening November 21st in New York City at the Joshua Liner Gallery.  Visit Kris Kuksi’s own website to view the images with a ZOOM function at  View our favorites at our Kris Kuksi Pinterest board.

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