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Guerrilla Fashion

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R ecently closed fashion exhibition, China: Through the Looking Glass brought the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York their fifth largest attendance in their 145 year history—815,000 people; beating the fashion department’s previous winner, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (2011) with 616,000 people.

Hoping to capitalize on this zeitgeist, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art ( will open Fashionistas Fight Back! from October 3 – November 14, 2015. The exhibition features open artist submissions in all media that discuss fashion as “the seductive powerhouse in contemporary culture, worthy of celebration and critique.”

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Head Dress
Ellen Day-Greene
(above top detail+bottom right)
Long Dress
Marjan Vayghan
(above left)Red Dress
Jane Szabo
(left)B/W photo
Kurt Weston
(above right)

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The entries, judged by celebrated art critic Shana Nys Dambrot, will “comment on fashion, reflecting its influence, and illustrating fashion’s expanding role in art and life.”

Visit Orange County Center for Contemporary Art website for more information:


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Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

Fashionistas Fight Back

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