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Episode 066: Lorri Dyner

Episode 066: Lorri Dyner

Episode 066: Lorri Dyner

Lorri Dyner and A New Career
Lorri Dyner is a home and lifestyle expert, and owner of New York-based Lorri Dyner Design. Lorri’s mission is to take the overwhelm out of decorating by demonstrating how to break decorating down into simple, approachable steps, and she’s become a go-to expert on easy & affordable decorating solutions.

Lorri Dyner; On TV and More…..
Lorri’s become a TODAY Show “regular” where she showcases her “lazy DIY” projects and her “Home Hacks”. She’s also been featured on The Meredith Vieira Show, Good Day New York and Better TV. Lorri is an official contributor to MarthaStewart and the Huffington Post, and her design projects have been featured in publications such as HGTV Magazine and the Chicago Tribune.

Lorri Dyner; Her Background
Lorri is originally from the Bay Area and started her adult life on a different foot from home decorating and design. She holds a masters in public policy from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Stanford University, and she spent most of her 20s working as a foreign policy aide for the US Congress. She also spent several years on Wall Street as an executive search professional. Interior design, however, has been her life-long passion (she was busy redecorating her bedroom at age 7!), and it was something she couldn’t ignore any longer. She began blogging and launched her design business about four years ago, and before she knew it, she was pursuing another passion of hers – creating fresh & new home decor ideas and talking about them in front of the camera.

Projects I’m excited about right now – well, I spend my days thinking of two things: 1) how can I eliminate the “decorating overwhelm” in peoples’ lives? and 2) how can I inspire MORE people with this information! So the projects I’m excited about are the ones that get my messages out to a bigger audience.
I’m launching an 8-week YouTube pilot this week with to talk about quick decorating tips and tricks. I’m launching a series of e-books that will be readily available on – books that help people by breaking decorating down into simple, easy steps so that ANYONE can make their home beautiful. And I am just about to launch an e-design business, so that I can reach more people through short-term projects in a way that is affordable to people (who otherwise can’t afford a decorator).


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