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Episode 041: Rachel Cannon Lewis

April 10, 2016
Episode 041: Rachel Cannon Lewis

Episode 041: Rachel Cannon Lewis

Known for her classic and tailored style, Rachel Cannon Lewis crafts sophisticated interiors that exude an effortless combination of subtle color, rich architectural detail, and a beguiling mix of both livable and luxe details. Leaning on her formal art history training and interior design degree, she joins together classic principles with a decidedly contemporary tone. Her work has been featured on, and she is the contributing editor for the South Louisiana regional magazine House & Home. Rachel’s captivating wit and knowledge of art, design, and architecture has made her a favorite of both television and radio broadcasts, where she is regularly featured in monthly segments.

For Rachel’s clientele of professionals and families with demanding schedules, she is most recognized for her ability to simplify the interior design and construction process. As a licensed interior designer, with a background in large-scale commercial design, Rachel’s design method and project management do not allow for loose ends. Rachel Cannon Lewis’s clients are motivated to see completed homes and commercial spaces, while requiring interiors that are not only livable, but polished.

Rachel Cannon Lewis’s experience in the commercial design industry has given her the unique ability to treat all projects with the same level of meticulous attention to planning and detail that professional corporations expect within the commercial design sector.

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