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Episode 039: Coryanne Etienne

Episode 039: Coryanne Etienne

Episode 039: Coryanne Etienne

Coryanne Ettiene is the editor of Box Nine Magazine, an AOL Lifestyle Personality and a Contributor to Better Homes and Gardens. She is a nationally recognized TV Host, Columnist and Lifestyle Influencer who has been featured in Traditional Home, More, Women’s Day, and More Magazine sharing her love of rustic cooking and slow living.

Not always an expert, Coryanne reluctantly found herself in the kitchen at the age of 30 with a talent for burning rice and serving undercooked sausages after a decade of spending her days climbing the corporate ladder and her nights moving from one London hot spot to the next. Forever curious and with a growing family to feed, Coryanne cut her teeth one cooking disaster at a time, until a tiny trickle of kitchen victories grew into a culinary passion and a love of slow living.

Coryanne lives in Dallas with her husband, their 3 children, a rather spoiled pup and flock of fabulous hens. She has survived drinking moonshine, eating chicken feet and being chased by a clown.


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