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Episode 028: Katie Scott

March 28, 2016
Episode 028: Katie Scott

Episode 028: Katie Scott

By embracing her clients’ core individualities, Katie Scott has styled and designed homes across America to enhance the desires that ignite the soul. Influenced by the beauty found in juxtaposition, Katie optimizes on creating interiors that resonate with a sense of peace, yet are energized by spontaneous jolts of color and eclectic art and accessories.

In 2013, she introduced her fine jewelry line. Tapping into her desire for something edgy and fashion-forward yet spiritually inspired, Scott was motivated to unite style with inner spirituality. An evolution in her spiritual life drove her desire to wear more meaningful and symbolic jewelry.

After discovering a lack of modern, upscale pieces in this category, Katie Scott’s ingenuity, spiritual life and design worlds came together. Her resulting jewelry collection references spiritual talismans and messaging that personally relates to the wearer in a contemporary way with a variety of medals such as gold and ebonized sterling silver, diamonds and exotic skins, meditation beads and archetypal crosses.

“I work directly from the heart, as I believe it holds our greatest treasures of truth and enlightenment. I believe our emotions can be a source of inspiration, and I use them as my guide,” explains Scott. “Designing is my canvas, allowing it to capture not only my own passions, esthetic and style, but that of my clients as well. I believe one of the greatest gifts I can offer clients is stimulation through your home, environment and jewelry – creating a heightened level of sensitivity to your greatest desires in an effort to expose and explore them.”


Katie Scott book

Katie Scott book

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