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English Elegance With Charlotte Crosland

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Elegance and color are key for award-winning English designer Charlotte Crosland when creating spaces for her clients.  Crosland, a busy mom of three, believes design should balance style and comfort.  Her formula must be working; as she recently won Designer of the Year and Show Home of the Year awards in the UK.  Clients have also taken notice, hiring her to design what was dubbed the most “expensive residence in South London.”

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For one of Crosland’s recent projects, she was challenged to create for a single client in a historic landmark neighborhood in Connaught Square.  “My client came to me with a completely blank slate.  She wanted the entire interior redesigned, bringing no previous furniture or possessions with her to the space.”  The home, located in a landmark Central London neighborhood required Crosland to keep existing features like cornices, ceiling moulding, doors, windows, and shutters.  Rather than find the historic guidelines an obstacle, Charlotte chose to build from these elements, adding enhancements to the millwork.  “I designed joinery throughout, like library shelves with ladder, wardrobes, decorative doors to hall and study and some of the furniture including the cabinet for neatly storing cds, dvds and videos,” says Crosland.

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The design which covered everything down to custom bedcovers was completed on time and on budget.  But immediately after the client moved in and went on vacation, faulty water pipes burst damaging the entire residence.  Thanks to the kindness and patience of the sole occupant, the project was started all over again and completely finished for a second time.

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Charlotte Crosland is head of Charlotte Crosland Interiors which began in 1990.  The firm designs interiors including custom furniture.  You can visit her site at:

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