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I f you are not familiar with rapidly rising actor Rich Graff, chances are you soon will be.  The quiet spoken, multi-talented New York native currently stars in the lead role of AMC’s The Making of the Mob: New York as notorious gangster Charles “Lucky” Luciano.  The eight-part mini-series [airs June 15, 2015 to August 3, 2015 – also available on demand] chronicles the rise and fall of five New York-based mob families.

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While some actors would be excited to have any currently airing TV show, Graff, a natural overachiever has recently completed no less than four additional major TV and movie projects this year and is tied to several projects for 2016.  The multi-talented Graff who is a published author, an Olympic qualifying snowboarder, a journalist, a chef and holds dual degrees in Writing & Literature from SUNY Potsdam and a Law degree from NYU, even likes to do his own stunts.  And, while he won an award for “Best Fight Scene”, the actor says that he gravitates toward quiet and complex characters.  “I think much of acting is in the eyes – they truly are the windows to the soul,” says Graff.

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Graff’s baby-blues can be seen in the soon to be released movie My Dead Boyfriend with Heather Graham, the movie 1971 about FBI surveillance of Americans who protested the Vietnam War, Celebrapy a new TV pilot about a psychiatrist working on a reality show, a short film about betrayal in the 1960s called Confession of Pleasant Street, the movie ’79 Parts with Eric Roberts, a movie for the Syfy network set in a post-apocalyptic winter called Amaranth, and Black Wake a horror movie with Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore.

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To challenge the actor (and his acting eyes), Design Life Network asked Graff to step into the shoes of five of his all time favorite acting parts in an exclusive digitally enhanced black box studio photo shoot.  Graff, always up for a challenge, channeled Patrick Swayze’s role in Point Break, Christian Slater’s role in True Romance, Tom Hank’s role in Forrest Gump, Kevin Costner’s role in Dances with Wolves, and Russell Crowe’s role in A Beautiful Mind with natural ease.

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Article & Bonus Images for Pinterest.

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff in the Russell Crowe role in A Beautiful Mind

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff in the Patrick Swayze Role in Point Break

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff in the Christian Slater’s role in True Romance

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff in the Tom Hank’s role in Forrest Gump

Actor Rich Graff

Actor Rich Graff in the Kevin Costner’s role in Dances with Wolves

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